N56 Tapered Mouthpipe Cable Kit

This is a system which greatly simplifies the removal of dents from tapered mouth pipes. It allows the repair techs to drive and retrieve a dent ball from areas that were previously very difficult to reach, if not impossible. The kit is made from high quality, galvanized, industrial cable covered with tough nylon tubing. The cable has a threaded connection in the middle of its length. This connection allows the cable to be split into two pieces so the Repairmen can put a different dent ball on the cable without removing the cable from the horn.
The N56 Tapered Mouthpiece Cable Kit is a must for all brass repair shops. The N56 when fully assembled is 90” long. Use N57G and/or N57GH dent balls.
N56 Tapered Mouthpipe Cable Kit
N56A Cable Extension, 12” (305mm)
N56B Cable Extension, 18” (457mm)

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