N53 Regular Trombone Slide Mandrels

These N53 mandrels are perfectly straight, high carbon, 36” (91.4cm) rods. The leading edges of these rods are chamfered for safe insertion. The other end of the rod is knurled for placement in the vise. We can make any size needed. These mandrels can also be used to keep slides straight during buffing. They are also used by those who prefer the traditional method of repairing dented trombone slides.
#1 .4219 (10.7mm)   #8 .5313 (13.5mm)
#2 .4375 (11.1mm)   #9 .5469 (13.9mm)
#3 .4531 (11.5mm)   #10 .5625 (14.3mm)
#4 .4687 (11.9mm)   #11 .5781 (14.7mm)
#5 .4843 (12.3mm)   #12 .5937 (15.1mm)
#6 .5000 (12.7mm)   #13 .6094 (15.5mm)
#7 .5156 (13mm)
N53A Individual Mandrels (#1-5)
N53B Individual Mandrels (#6-10)
N53C Individual Mandrels (#11-13)
N53D Yellow Mesh Sleeve 1/4”-1/2”
N53E Blue Mesh Sleeve 1/2”-3/4”
N53S Set of Trombone Slide Mandrels (#1-10)

If you would like a size that is not listed, please call. This is also a 3-4 week lead time for special sizes/ special lengths. 

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