N115 Clarinet Body Centering Clamp

Using Ferree’s G19 Clear Magic makes it possible to glue together a plastic, rubber, and ebonite or resonate clarinet that has been completely broken in half. If you have a G78 Clarinet Grafting Jig or a G74S Raised Tone Hole Jig, you can use either of them as a lamp to hold the parts together for precision gluing.
If you do not have either of the mentioned tools, this tool will provide you a less expensive way to clamp and hold the body while the glue is curing. Using the N115 Clarinet Body Clamp. Carefully clean the broken ends with the G20S Jet Magic Solvent. Be sure the broken edges are free from grease, oil and dirt. Then, apply properly mixed G19 to the broken ends in such a way that you don’t get a glob in the bore of the instrument when repositioning them back together. Next, slip the clarinet over the N115 Clarinet Body Centering Clamp and clamp the body together by tightening the knurled knobs. Let it cure for 24 to 36 hours.
If any chips of material have been lost from the break, you can build up the spot by applying a fresh batch of G20 Jet Magic as needed. Allow the Jet Magic to cure between coats, then sand to match the body contour.

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