L15BS Draw Ring Set

These Draw Rings replace the old style drawplate. Drawplates are approximate at best and once damaged are done. The rings are not only much more convenient to use, they are replaceable individually. Each inside surface is a perfect radius in both directions, making it much superior to the old fly cut, hand polished radiuses. The rings are chrome plated for smoother action and to resist rusting. They may be used by hand, held in a vise or in the L19 Handle. Individual rings are numbered according to size in the set, #1 being the smallest. #18 is the most commonly used from size in both sets for dent work.
They may be purchased separately. The larger set works best on baritones, euphoniums, sax necks and smaller sousa and tuba tubing.

ALL of the rings are graduated in .015” (.38mm) steps.
L15BS 18 Rings from .755” (19.2mm) to 1.010” (25.7mm) id.

L15B Individual Rings (Select Size)
1 .755” (19.2mm)
2 .770” (19.6mm)
3 .785” (19.9mm)
4 .800” (20.3mm)
5 .815” (20.7mm)
6 .830” (21.0mm)
7 .845” (21.5mm)
8 .860” (21.8mm)
9 .875” (22.2mm)
10 .890” (22.6mm)
11 .905” (23.0mm)
12 .920” (23.4mm)
13 .935” (23.7mm)
14 .950” (24.1mm)
15 .965” (24.5mm)
16 .980” (24.9mm)
17 .995” (25.3mm)
18 1.010”(25.7mm)

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