F20 Key Pin Removal Tool


This is a very versatile tool. In addition to flute key pin removal, many stubborn woodwind springs can also be removed with the F20 Key Pin Tool. And, you can be as fast as the factory in flute key pin removal. The set consists of a frame, three anvils and three punches. The brass anvils designed so that they can fit any key configuration. Newly improved model has a magnet mounted on the side to hold punches for hands free, stable operation .
The short brass anvil fits most keys. If you find a key that needs a custom fit, use the small lead filled anvil. This is similar to the old way of removing pins using a lead block and hand held punch. The third anvil is tall and made of brass. Use it to reinstall the pins when assembling the key.
The three punches are made out of tool steel and have been hardened and tempered. One punch has a sharp point for the pins that are ground off flush with the key. The second punch has a small flat end on the end and the third has a concave punching surface which works best on pins that protrude from the key or when reinstalling pins in the key.
To use the F20 Key Pin Removal Tool, install the proper fitting anvil into the base. Place the key on the anvil and slide the punch down to contact the pin. Then tap the punch to remove the pin.

F20 Key Pin Removal Tool
F20A Brass Anvil (Short or Tall)
F20P Punch (Pointed, Flat or Hollow)
F20LB Lead Anvil
F20U Update for F20—Send in old tool for update.

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