J60, J61 & F46A Low Temperature Solder and Flux Kit

The J61 Solder contains only silver and tin. This makes it a much stronger solder although it melts easily. The unique feature of Ferree’s J61 Silver Solder is although it melts at 430°F (221°C), it doesn’t flow until 535°F (279°C). This gives a plastic range of 105°F (40.6°C) which makes it very easy to fill a hole. It is unlike other suppliers brands of solder which melt and flow freely at the same temperature. We are making this solder available in a kit, which includes 8oz (227g) or about 45ft (13.7m) of J61, 1/16” (1.6mm) O.D. and 3.5oz (103.5ml) of the special F46A flux to use with it.

J60 Low Temperature Solder and Flux Kit
J61 Low Temperature Solder only, 8oz (227g)
F46A Flux for J61, 3.5oz (103.5ml)

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