Insurance 25-100

Dear valued customers,

After further consideration and input from several customers, we have decided to ship packages through the United States Postal Service as we have in the past, if you choose.  Packages sent within the United States and to U.S. Territories can be sent by First Class Mail, Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.  All packages with a subtotal of more than $25.00 will automatically be insured.  International packages going to destinations that allow insurance can be shipped using USPS.  If the destination country allows insurance through Priority Mail International, this shipping method will be an option.  If the destination country only allows insurance through Priority Mail Express International, this will be the only option available through USPS.  All International packages must be insured, therefore the only options for shipping through the USPS will be those that allow insurance up to the subtotal amount.  Please note that not all countries allow insurance for packages shipped through USPS.  Packages sent to those countries will have to ship FedEx International.  If you do not choose to use USPS for your packages, please let us know and we will note your account with the shipping method of your choice.  We will still offer shipping through FedEx, UPS and FedEx Smart Post.  Please note that we will not use FedEx Smart Post unless you specifically ask for it because we have found that the pricing is similar to that of Priority Mail but ships at a pace similar to First Class Mail and it is only insurable up to $100.00.  If at any time you are curious about the status of your package, please contact us and we will look into it for you.  By insuring all packages that are shipped, we are able to get your product replaced or get you a refund if it is lost or damaged in transit no matter the delivery method.  We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused over the past week while we were sorting this out.  Our ultimate goal is to make sure that our customers are receiving their purchases in a timely manner, in good condition and at the best price possible.


Thank you,

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