H60 Saxophone Tenon Expander (Baritone/Alto)

We designed the H60 Saxophone Tenon Expander for baritone and alto saxes. These precision made, polished and chrome plated, expanders have the proper internal expansion angle to give you a feel when you are fitting the job and also help prevent scratching the internal surfaces. These tough long lasting steel tools can be held in your hand or in a bench vise. These expanders all work on the same principle. They make an even, tight fit from loose and worn sax neck tenons and metal flute head and foot tenons, by rounding out bent, dented or out-of-round tenons. These tools apply even pressure, from the inside out.
Mount the tool in a vise using a L14 V-block to properly secure it. Use R71 cork grease or Z6 Synthetic Lubricant laced petroleum jelly as a lubricant on the working surface of the expander. Then turn the knurled adjusting knob until the expander is snug inside the tenon back and forth over the expanders working surface with a slow semi-rotating motion. 

We also manufacture expanders for Flute and Piccolo tenons. You can find those at the links below.

H61 Saxophone Tenon Expander(for tenor)

H62 Flute Tenon Expander

H63 Piccolo Tenon Expander

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