H59 Tenon Expander

H59 “Can Opener” Style Tenon Expander for flutes, saxes, bass clarinets.
    The H59 was recently redesigned to offer more flexibility in tightening metal tenons. Used on flutes, saxes, bass clarinets, etc. The metal in the necks of some bass clarinets and saxophones are a lot thicker than other instrument tenons.
    This is why conventional methods of enlarging the tenon sometimes will not be as successful as when using this tool. Also the curve of a bass clarinet neck sometimes presents a problem on old style tenon expanders.
    The first accessory developed is the H59A set of rollers to stretch or “extrude” solid hinge tubes in lieu of swedging; this helps save the finish and helps make the key longer and stronger. Especially handy for use on the hi-E and low C# keys on many saxes, the whisper key on most bassoons and the f-lever on various clarinets. There are three radii sizes for clarinet, saxes and bassoon.
    Not much squeezing is required, so, proceed cautiously until you get used to the effect of the mechanism. These rollers do a beautiful finished job, in most cases preserving the plating or lacquer by advancing pressure, slowly.
    Keep key on straight course. You may want to leave the key “a little bit oval” or “slightly squared” (NOT ENOUGH TO NOTICE) to increase the strength through the small amount of work hardening that naturally happens and to help prevent twisting or torqueing of the shaft while the instrument is being played.

Do NOT just clamp down and start cranking, be discreet.

H59A Triple Key Extruder
H59B Soprano Sax/Piccolo Roller

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