H58 Heavy Duty Tenon Swedger

    The H58 mounts in your vise. It comes equipped with 6 collets for most alto and tenor saxes. Two of the collets provided fit most alto saxes and the four larger collets fit most tenor sax tenons. There are other collets for ‘orphan’ saxes. Plus we will make any special sizes you need as well, just state the size you need in note section on the cart page. Also pictured are two special dies made for shrinking flute tenons.

H58 Heavy Duty Tenon Swedger comes with 6 Collets sizes: .965, .975, 1.085, 1.095, 1.115 and 1.120

H58A Individual Collets are available in the following sizes: .850, .870, .885, .865, .895, .980, 1.020 and 1.025 along with the sizes that come in the H58 kit.

H58FC-780 Flute Collet, size .780
H58FC-790 Flute Collet, size .790


~There are two methods used to shrink the tenons~
    One is to use the tool much the same as you would a flute tenon shrinker. That is, tightening the tool a little and turning the neck, being careful not to kink it.

    The second method and most preferred is to just put the neck tenon into the tool and tighten the tool 1/4 turn, loosen the tool, move the neck 1/4 turn and then tighten the tool 1/4 turn again, repeating until you get all the way around. Test fit and then if necessary, only go 1/8 turn the next time around at each step.

    Best results are obtained if you limit shrinking to about .010” per collet. Other sizes are available for baritone saxes, bass clarinets and some odd alto, tenor and c-melody saxes.


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