GB03 Grab Box

 !!While Supplies Last!!

GB03 Grab Boxes

   Each of these grab boxes has well over 275 pads in it! And at least 45 different pad sizes! The best part is that you save a lot of money by buying one or more of these grab boxes.

   Here's why, Most of the pads in them are size 49.5mm or larger. Many of them are size 57mm or larger. These are the pads that you may only need one of but usually have to buy a dozen minimum.

   There are pads with rivets, pads with metal or plastic (both domed & flat) resonators. Some of them are different colors of leather, so you can match them to the sax you are working on.

   These are same type pads used on Pan American, Conn Director, King Cleveland, King Super 20, Armstrong, H. Couf, etc...

!!!You Can't Lose!!!

Each of these GB03 Grab Boxes has at least 5% more than 275 pads in it!


Each Box Is Only $99.50 (Value of pads if purchased NEW, is over $320!)

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