G86 Clarinet Tone Hole Replacement Cutter Set

The G86 cutters are used to machine a flat bottomed relief or socket, which will accept the tapered tone hole or raised tone hole chimney. You will make from an ABS rod or other material on a small lathe. A set consists of 11 cutters and 33 brass pilots. The cutters are made from tool steel, hardened for maximum durability. We recommend this new tool be used with the G74S Tone Hole Jig, which we have made for many years.
The G74S should be clamped to the table of a drill press and the clarinet joint mounted for maximum rigidity while boring the socket. The large variety of brass pilots included make a good tight fit possible in any diameter tone hole. They center the cutter with the hole and help guide the cutter in for a straight reveal. The two flute design of the cutters, along with the brass eliminate all chatter that occasionally occurs with a fly cutter. Cutters run in size from 13/32” (10.3mm) thru 23/32” (18.3mm) in 1/32” (.8mm) steps. Set comes complete with a divided box which keeps the cutting edges from becoming damaged and keeps pilots from becoming lost.
G86 Clarinet Tone Hole Replacement Cutter Set
G87P Pilots only for G86 & G87
(The pilots are in .010” (.25mm) steps from .180” thru .500” (4.57mm thru 12.7mm Please Specify size.).

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