G85 Oboe Center Tenon Tools

The G85 Oboe Center Tenon Tool has a hardened tool steel cutter to bore a hole in the joint. The design of the tool insures that the tone hole will be perfectly centered. Three tapered pilots have different diameters to fit all known oboe bores.
The set consists of:

  1. Three tapered pilots
  2. One Cutter
  3. One tapered reamer
  4. Two pieces of ABS

Select the tapered pilot that best fits the bore. Preload the cutter onto the pilot so it will be ready to form. The reamer is made of tool steel and/or hardened. Operate the lathe at a slow speed, approximately 200 rpm, and feed the oboe into the cutter by hand. Do not use the tail stock if the joint is warped. The next step is to make the new tenon. This procedure is greatly simplified by the use of the G85 Tapered Reamer. This reamer is made of tool steel and oil hardened. The reamer is engineered to make a tapered hole in the replacement tenon plug that will match the bore using your hand skills. After the tenon is completely formed inside and out, glue it into the instrument using G19 Clear Magic. This tool will turn an almost impossible repair job into one of the easiest repairs you can make, with the aid of only a small lathe.

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