G84 Small Tenon Set Replacement Parts

    Using a machine lathe, this tool eliminates the danger of splitting a clarinet when making cuts. Maintains a straight even cut of consistent diameter. Cutters are made of high speed tool steel, with maximum chip clearance.

    Brass pilots can be machined accurately as needed to fit any desired clarinet bore. These pilots do not cause friction and so eliminate the danger of softening rubber or plastic. The cutters are removable and easily re-sharpened.

The set includes the following:

  1. Cutter for soprano clarinet work
  2. Cutter for shortening barrels
  3. Facing cutter, also works on bass clarinet bottom tenons
  4. Four soprano clarinet pilots: one for general clarinet use, three uncut
  5. Complete instructions

G84 Small Tenon Set Replacement Parts
G84T Soprano clarinet tenon cutter
G84B Barrel cutter
G84F Facing Cutter
G84BS Soprano clarinet pilot, uncut
G84A Alto clarinet cutter
G84BA Alto clarinet pilot, uncut
G84C Bass clarinet cutter
G84BB Bass clarinet pilot, uncut
G84D Shaft only

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