G83 Adjustable Socket Reamer

    With the G83 you can resurface or smooth jobs that were done imperfectly in the past. Also good for clean up after socket graft has been performed; for removal of glue in the corner or as a fine adjustment of size.

    In addition, you can “true to size” to a perfectly round, a warped or an ovaled socket. The G83 works on the mouthpiece, upper and middle sockets. This fine tool features an adjustable depth collar and an adjustable SINGLE cutting blade and sleeve to avoid chattering.
An OPTIONAL separate blade and collar are available to allow the G83 to also be used on the bell socket.
G83 Adjustable Socket Reamer
G83A Repl. Blade (standard)
G83B Repl. Blade (.030 over)
G83C Oversized (.030) blade & sleeve
G83S-1 Standard sleeve
G83S-2 Oversize sleeve for G83B

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