G55 Insertion Rod-Alto Clarinet

This tool was developed at the request of several Repairmen. These Repairmen had been getting requests to undercut the tone holes on bass and soprano clarinets. Accomplished players feel that this undercutting improves the tone, response and clarity of many of the notes on the clarinet.
    This tool accomplishes the undercutting that is already standard on many French manufactured clarinets. Now you can perform the procedure on any clarinet. Ferree’s G53 Soprano Clarinet Tone Hole Under cutters and G54 Bass Clarinet Tone Hole Under cutters make this undercutting a simple task.
1. Choose one of the G53 or G54 Under cutters that matches the tone hole you will be cutting.
2. Slide the keyed slot in the bottom of the cutter over the keyed part of the insertion rod.
3. Slide insertion rod (with the cutter resting on it) into the end of the clarinet joint. By looking thru the tone hole, stop the cutter directly under the hole you will be working on.
4. Insert the threaded T handle down thru the tone hole and screw it into the under cutter.
5. Pull out the insertion rod from the clarinet joint.
6. After the hole has been undercut, return the insertion rod into the clarinet joint and insert the keyed end back into the key way in the under cutter. (Cont. top of next column)
7. Now you can unscrew the T handle from the cutter and pull out the insertion rod out of the clarinet. The cutter will come out with the rod.
8. While holding the clarinet joint, pull up on the T handle and twist it clockwise. This will pull the undercutter against the inside of the tone hole. The clockwise turning will remove the material making a perfect tapered opening. It normally only requires a few turns of the handle (5 or 6). Not a lot of upward pressure is necessary.

-A G53 Soprano Clarinet Undercutter set consists of the insertion rod, three T handles, and six precision cutters.
-A G54 Bass Clarinet Undercutter set consists of the insertion rod, two T handles and seven precision cutters.

G53 Clarinet Tone Hole Undercutter (6 cutters)
G54 Bass Clarinet Tone Hole Undercutter (7 cutters)
G54A, B Individual handles for G54
G54C Insertion Rod for G54
G55 Insertion Rod-Alto Clarinet

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