G45 Cork Barrel Dent Remover

A really great time saver! No longer is it necessary to remove trombone slide rails to take dents out of the cork barrel. Also, this tool can be used to raise the area on a cork barrel where the hand slide brace has been dented into it, still without removing the cork barrel. So the slide does not have to be realigned and soldered. Save on alignment time........soldering time...re-assembly time, polishing & lacquering, etc.
The large part of the tool is inserted into a vise with an L14 V-Block. The slide rail is inserted through the opening in the small end of the tool and the cork barrel is forced over the working surface of the tool. Dent work is performed either with a rawhide mallet, a dent hammer or hand manipulation. Two standard sizes are necessary to cover the major brands. For instance, Holton and Olds require the large G45A, but Conn and Martin, the smaller G45B.
G45A Cork Barrel Dent Remover, Larger Size
G45B Cork Barrel Dent Remover, Smaller Size