G44 Screw Slot Sawing Tool

  The Screw Slot Sawing Tool accurately saws screwdriver slots in stack and hinge screws. Takes all necessary rod sizes. The steel shaft is 3/8” (9.5mm) to fit the chuck of the N99A Bench Motor. To use, dip the rod in the proper hole in housing. Press the rod into the saw blade while holding the housing in your hand. In a matter of seconds, the job is completed.
    The tool comes with one blade which is easily replaced when necessary with a small Allen Wrench. The new oversized 1” blade makes this tool even easier to use than before. Bonus is that the replacement blades are about half the cost of the 3/4” ones in the past.
     Additionally, they have finer teeth for a smooth precision cut. The best part is, that if you have had one for a while, you can have it updated (G44U), including new blade. We still have the older G44A blades in stock but, we highly recommend this update, as a splendid improvement.

Note: Slot about .030” to .040” (.75mm to 1.0mm deep)
There are 5 insert holes. They are as follows:
.081” (2.05mm), .086” (2.18mm), .096” (2.43mm), .104” (2.64mm), .125” (3.17mm)
G44 Screw Slot Sawing Tool
G44A Replacement Blade for Old G44 (before 2003)
G44B Replacement Blade for New G44
G44U Update for G44 (send in old tool)

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