G32 Slide Removal Collars for tenor Trombone

    The Trombone Slide Remover Collars are now made with two size openings. The G32A set is .600” (15.2mm) to fit regular trombones and the G32B is .656” (16.7mm) for bass trombones.
    Both sets consist of two tapered collars and one straight wedge collar. The two tapered collars are inserted in the crack between the threads and the nut on opposite sides of the frozen joint. When pressed toward each other they grow in thickness, forcing the bell section apart from the slide section.
    If there is too much space in the crack after the two tapered collars are inserted, the straight wedge can be inserted as a shim. Press together by hand, by tapping gently with a rawhide mallet or by gently pressing in a vise.
Available in 2 styles:
G32A Slide Removal Collars for tenor Trombone
G32B Slide Removal Collars for Bass Trombone

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