G30 Slide Spacing Tool (Set of Two)

    G30 Slide Spacing Tool is available as a set of two. We have the simple method to get correct alignment of trombone slides during reassembly.

    Faster and far more accurate than makeshift methods, the G30 Slide Spacing Tool works well for aligning both inside and outside slides. It is accurately machined from steel and brass and has a fine screw adjustment.

    After straightening the slide rails or tubes, then, using either the end bow or the hand slide brace to establish the spacing, use the G30 spacing tools to maintain this size at both ends. After re-checking the parallel, solder the slide together using low heat. High heat will change your alignment.

    We suggest using the E45A solder clips to secure the brace/tube alignment when soldering. Also, you will find using the P90 stone will enhance your accuracy.

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