G100 Oboe Tone Hole Replacement Cutters

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    The Oboe Tone Hole Cutter Set is a complete set of cutters designed to repair or replace tone holes on oboe joints. This set consists of ten brass pilots, eight flat cutters, and nine “V” angle shaped cutters. The flat cutters can be used to bore an old tone hole out so a new tone hole can be inserted.
    This is especially useful when a crack extends through a tone hole causing a leak. The flat cutters can also be used in conjunction with the angle cutters for repairing tone holes that are double cut with a flat section in the center of an angled tone hole. These flat cutters range in size from 5.5mm to 12mm. The cutters are made from hardened tool steel to hold a sharp edge.
    The pilots are made from brass and can be machined to fit any size tone hole. This fine set of cutters comes in a padded box with a lid, to protect them from being damaged and to keep the pilots from getting lost.

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