Fabricut Sand belt Paper 220-400 grit

    Fabricut is emery cloth that appears like a window screen to be self-cleaning. It is excellent for sanding tenon corks on clarinet joints and for sax necks as well. Sanding time will be decreased because the cork particles will fall through the screen and not hinder the abrasive action of the emery.
    Because it doesn’t load up, the Fabricut lasts longer than regular emery. The finer 400 grit may be used for lightly cleaning brass tuning slides. Sold by strip or roll. Fabricut is available in three grits, 1-1/2” (38.1mm) wide and comes in 75 foot (22.9m) rolls or 15” (381mm) strips.

Available in the following grits:
H102 320 grit roll
H103 400 grit roll
H101A 220 grit strip
H102A 320 grit strip
H103A 400 grit strip

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