F80 Swedging Tool

Adjustable Woodwind Key Swedging Tool
The ever popular F80 Swedger now comes equipped with 3 collets including the addition of the new .106” collet for the smaller keys on the oboe and piccolo.

The collets are now: .106”, .149” and .187” which is approximately 2.69mm, 3.78mm and 4.75mm. The .187” closes to about .150”; the .149” closes to about .118”; the .106” closes to about .075”.

This completes our swedging collet series; with the addition of the 3 new, smaller collets to the P60 Rotary Bearing Tool that can now be used on large keys too. 

F80 Swedging Tool with 3 collets
F80B Body and Knob only
F80C-106 Collet .106”
F80C-149 Collet .149”
F80C-187 Collet .187”




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