H120-H123 ROLLS-2”

Sand corks, refinish grenadilla wood and ebonite, smooth out brass parts. Removes file marks from keys before buffing. Finds hard to see dents in brass.

ROLLS-1” (25.4mm) X 50 Yards (45.7m)
H110 80 grit roll
H111 120 grit roll
H112 150 grit roll
H113 180 grit roll
H114 220 grit roll
H115 320 grit roll
H116 400 grit roll

STRIPS-1” (25.4mm) X 15” (381mm)
H110A 80 grit strip
H111A 120 grit strip
H112A 150 grit strip
H113A 180 grit strip
H114A 220 grit strip
H115A 320 grit strip

ROLLS-2” (50.80mm) X 50 Yards (45.7m)
H120 220 grit roll
H121 320 grit roll
H122 400 grit roll
H123 No abrasive

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