N95 Dent Removing Ring

We now have available, three large Dent Removing Rings for use on larger brass instruments. These are variations of the large rings that go with our Z60 Dent Machine. They measure 3-1/2”, 4-1/2” and 5-1/2” in diameter and are 1-5/8” wide. The outer surfaces of the rings are rounded, so they can be used to push out dents in curved areas such as in baritone horns and tuba bells elbows. You can reform damaged tubing with them using a rawhide mallet.
Their surfaces are polished as they will often be used against lacquered or polished surfaces. The center hole is tapped for 1/2”-13 thread so that they can be used with any of our dent rods designed to hold our N80D and N80E dent balls.
These three Dent Removing Rings make an excellent extension to our N80 Dent Ball Sets for the Repairmen who work on larger brass instruments and do not have our Z60 Dent Machine
N95 3-1/2” Dent Removing Ring
N95B 4-1/2” Dent Removing Ring
N96 5-1/2” Dent Removing Ring

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