D15s Set Of 11 Countersinks W/Handles

New design Pivot Screw Countersink. We now have many more sizes to fit the multiplying screw head diameters, precisely. All are assembled with smooth, finished wood handles for precision metal removal. Constructed of high carbon tool steel which has been tempered to hold a sharp cutting edge with minimum breakage. The countersink shaft is 11” (27.9cm) long for easy access to posts. These tools can be bought each size separately or by the set.
D15-1 .085” Countersink (2.16mm)
D15-2 .092” Countersink (2.23mm)
D15-3 .099” Countersink (2.51mm)
D15-4 .106” Countersink (2.69mm)
D15-5 .112” Countersink (2.84mm)
D15-6 .120” Countersink (3.05mm)
D15-7 .127” Countersink (3.23mm)
D15-8 .139” Countersink (3.53mm)
D15-9 .148” Countersink (3.76mm)
D15-10 .157” Countersink (3.99mm)
D15-11 .168” Countersink (4.27mm)
D15S Set of 11 Countersinks (Handles are included)

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