Black Cone Resonators Closeout

Here's a close-out on ebony finish (black) U.A.M. Conical Resonators

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Originally made for the W.T. Armstrong Company, for the: Armstrong 3000 series saxophones and H. Couf Royalist II /Kielwerth/Heritage Saxes

Will work with any thickness saxophone pad!

These resonators are available in all the selmer gauged sizes.
SO, they are: BB56R #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10, and #11 

The corresponding measurements as:
#1 = .312" (7.9 mm)
#2 = .445" (11.3 mm)
#3 = .570" (14.5 mm)
#4 = .700" (17,8 mm)
#5 = .820" (20.8 mm)
#7 = .950" (24.1 mm)
#8 = 1.075" (27.3 mm)
#10 = 1.200" (30.5 mm)
#11 = 1.325" (33.7 mm)

Mark your work on custom resonator sizing jobs, special applications enhancing performance, use them for restoring, or to just save yourself some money!

These BB56R Ultimate Airflow Management resonators are the exact clone of our popular B56R cone resonators, which are used on all of our B56 (.185") and B62 (.160") Pads, except, these are a polished ebony finish, instead of brown. I don't think the air can tell the color difference. So, the sound will be the same. Armstrong, which at the time had the exclusive importation of Keilwerth, a.k.a Armstrong Heritage and the H. Couf brands, in house, had teamed with Herb Couf of H.Couf to design and build the Armstrong 3000 series saxes (nee Royalist II) and wanted a special, uniquely designed, resonator style pad for this new series. Since Ferree's was, the largest pad manufacturer in the United States and was making ALL of Selmer's pads, Armstrong's management came to Cliff Ferree, for his expertise in the field. Cliff, then designed this conical, 'sonic center' resonator, which, "just made sense" and THEY loved it. Efficient air management was the key to its success. Ferree's then produced these pads for them as well, for many years. Many of these new pads were installed into older Selmer saxes at the player's request, by Repairmen around the country.  Many Artists, like Junior Walker, liked the, "Player's Response" they got from it. "It's like the horn is staying up with me. I feel it quicker!" he said. Armstrong opted for the ebony color and Ferree's the brown color, like the Selmer pads they also produced at the time. This resonator and the pads made with it have been popular sellers over the last 30 years, or so. That student model 'Armstrong 3000' series sax (nee H.Couf, modified Keilwerth Royalist I, by the way) later wore the Conn and King emblems, as well. In fact, just this past year we introduced this resonator on the thinner version pad, as the B62, for the newer design Asian saxophones (like the Yamaha, Jupiter, Unison, Cannonball and new ones coming yet) that have thinner pad cups, to keep the key and pad cup "Geometry" correct. These same new thinner pads (B62) will fit the older Conn Connstellation and classic "the Martin" Committee Model saxes, as well.

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