B9A Norbeck Pads (med-thick)

Now available as single pads.

Thickness- Med Thick 3.55mm-.140"
Manufactured by Ferree's Tools, Inc.
Revolutionary, space-age technology Invented by Dr. Edwin Norbeck.
This pad is made of high-tech silicone originally developed for use in nuclear physics research as a gasket material. It remains elastic and functional at temperatures ranging from -130° F to +500° F.
Because of its resistance to deteriorating effects of sunlight, moisture, ozone, radiation, oxidization and temperature extremes, its service life is virtually un-limited. The back of the pad is a composition cork so that the pad may be mounted using conventional methods. None of the conventional cements used in normal pad installation will stick to the face of the pad so any cement that accidentally gets onto the face of the pad can easily be removed.

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