B55 Mark VI "Selmer Paris" Prepackage Set Pad

Sell Out on Discontinued Selmer Pads & Sets.

"Excellent for Overhauls and Repads"

    These pads and sets were made to OEM specs for Selmer for regular production and OEM replacements.  We have discontinued these OEM pads, and they will no longer be in our catalog.  SOLD UNTIL GONE! Not Returnable  All list below prices are about 30% OFF the regular prices.  These pads are NOT subject to any further mark down, as they are marked down from closeout already...

B55ME Baritone Set (PREPACKAGE)

Although slightly thinner an alternative would be to use our B53ME Set, see Price list

Nearly identical to our B52 (.160" thick) and B53 (.185" thick) Pads

These O.E.M. pads are various thicknesses as per manufacturers spec's (.170-.200) and are still good for Repairs and/or Freshening.
{A Basic Freshening is "the 3 Palm keys pads, the G# and low D# (Eb) & regulation"}

~Note: Size 46, 48, 54 & 60 are .225" thick as per OEM spec.~
~Also, sizes 11, 54, 60, and 63 are a little darker color.~

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