B53 50-69/32nd's Selmer Type Sax Pads (.185" Thick)

B53 Selmer Type Sax Pads (.185” Thick)

These B53 standard medium, .185” thick pads have the smooth plastic Selmer-type resonators. Pads may be ordered in 32nd sizes 9 to 88 or in millimeter sizes 7 thru 70 and every half size. An M in the catalog number indicates millimeter (metric) size. .185” thick. SIZES IN 32NDS OR MILLIMETER

B53(32nds)     B53M

9 thru 19         7 thru 15.5    Plain pads

20 thru 88       16 thru 70     Resonator pads

Note: If you do order sets, you must measure and specify sizes and quantities of the pads in the note section of check out to make up the set.  Sets not guaranteed w/out Specific sizes provided. We cannot guarantee the fit of pad sets ordered only by brand name. 


32nd’s      MM’s       Description

B532        B53M2    200 Pad Assortment

B535        B53M5    500 Pad Assortment

B535C     B535MC  500 Pad Assortment w/cabinet

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