B52 Yamaha Assortments Ferree's Thin Sax Pads W/Selmer Type Plastic Resonator (.160"? Thick)

B52 Ferree's Thin Sax Pads W/Selmer Type Plastic Resonator (.160"Thick)

Here's that standard thin pad, .160" thick (4mm), with the plastic resonator that you've been looking for.

The domed plastic tone resonator in each pad looks similar to the original resonators used by leading saxophone manufacturers.

An M in the catalog number indicates millimeter (metric) size.


B52(32nds)       B52M

9 thru 19           7 thru 15.5   Plain pads

20 thru 88         16 thru 70    Resonator pads


32nds      MM's              Description

B522        B52M2           200 Pad Assortment

B525        B52M5           500 Pad Assortment

B525C     B525MC         500 Pad Assortment w/cabinet

*****        B52MY264     Sm. Asst. For Yamaha                

*****        B52MY504     Lg. Asst. For Yamaha                

*****        B52MYOLD   Add’l pads for pre-’88’            

*****        B52MYBAR   Add’l pads for baritone

Note: If you do order sets, you must measure and specify sizes and quantities of the pads in the note section of check out to make up the set.  Sets not guaranteed w/out Specific sizes provided. We cannot guarantee the fit of pad sets ordered only by brand name.

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