B47 70-88/32nds Selmer Super 80 Style Domed Metal Resonators (.185"Thick)

B47 Selmer Super Eighty Style Domed Metal Resonators (.185" Thick) This pad is identical to the B46 listed previously, except it is the standard thickness. Made with the same metal domed resonator as installed on the Selmer Super Action 80 Saxophones.

B47 (32nd)    B47M (mm)       Description

9 thru 19       7 thru 15.5         Plain Pads

20 thru 25     16 thru 20          Rivet only

26 thru 88     20.5 thru 70       Rivet & Resonator


32nd's          MM's                  Description

B472            B47M2               200 Pad Assortment

B475            B47M5               500 Pad Assortment

B475C         B47M5C             500 Pad Assortment w/cabinet

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