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Like Jack Nicholson, one of Gary's favorite actors, said at the Cannes Film Festival (as quoted in the 12/16/02 issue of 'People' magazine, page 97): "The minute you're not learning, I believe you're dead."
After traveling over 16,000 miles in the last year and a half attending clinics and conventions (over 40,000 miles, if you count going to Germany), I have come to the conclusion that the most common item available is bad information.  Repairmen have not only their own experiences to go by but, information from other Repairmen as well. Some GOOD, some BAD.  So, with all the changes in the industry, maybe it's time that we all get:

"There are no big secrets in what we do. Just the desire to do it as well as possible."
- John Upchurch, "The Slide Doctor" -

    You've probably heard these words before, especially if you've been to any of my clinics: "Tools don't cost you money, they MAKE you money."  IT IS TRUE!  Now, more than ever! There are only two ways you can make more money; Charge More or DO More! Most of the time WHAT you can charge is mostly determined by market forces and/or by your competition.
    This means that DOING MORE is just about your ONLY Avenue to MAKING MORE.  Good, well designed, professional tools can increase your production and improve your job quality.  This means that YOU will spend less time doing the same work and still wind up with a better job.  That means you can either; do a better job for a little less money or charge a little more for the better job YOU JUST DID!  And that, may attract MORE WORK from people; just having seen the quality job that YOU DID for them or a friend of theirs at a more reasonable price than they expected.
    Every repair that you do in your shop is one that your competition did not EARN from.  It is business that you earned and GOT! Every job you do IS an advertisement for YOU, Good or Bad!  
Now, well into its Third generation and covering 65 years, family owned Ferree's Tools, Inc. continues to be the leader and is active in the design, development and manufacture of innovative, easily operated and time saving tools for Band Instrument Repairmen, that make repair job


Books to learn from:

Repair Manuals

~(Part reference, "EB3")~ The Erick Brand book, "Band Instrument Repairing Manual", has been faithfully reprinted by Ferree's since 1993, to help newcomers. Many pictures, etc.

~(Part reference, "REP")Also available; 0riginal, "Ferree's Repair Manual", from the 0riginal, Ferree's Repair School. This rare book has now been re-edited, typo-corrected and reprinted and is NOW again available. There are NO pictures, just lots of information, in easy to read, lay terms and divided into chapters so you can easily look up what you are most interested in. A great, intense reference for repairing.


~(Part reference, "ERV")~ Newly available: "String Repair for the Band Instrument Repairman", by Richard Ervin. Rich is a trained and certified Luthier with German roots. He is also and has been a Band Instrument Repairman for over 20 years and currently runs a 4 man repair shop.