Musical Instrument Pads and Pad Products

    Ferree’s entire supply of woodwind pads are proportional in thickness, the same as the pads that manufacturers use on new instruments.  In other words, the smaller pads are slightly thinner, the larger pads are slightly thicker.

Using these pads, you do not have to make “special adjustments” to get the pads level.

  • The most practical and economical way to order pads is by the dozen or 100’s of each size.
  • We now offer single pads in each size and style, including sax pads larger than 79/32nd or 62.5 mm which are normally sold by the half dozen.
  • The 100 pad price is applicable only when the order is for 100 of the same size and style pad.
  • All assortments of pads are premade and packaged in individual envelopes by size.

  • B28 Deluxe Piccolo Pads

    B28 Deluxe Piccolo Pads

    Starting from $ 1.50

  • B37 Deluxe White Oboe Pads

    B37 Deluxe White Oboe Pads

    Starting from $ 1.38

  • M19 Fish Skin

    M19 Fish Skin

    $ 20.24

  • T80  4 Oz Leather Pad Preservative  ***CANNOT SHIP BY MAIL - MUST SHIP GROUND***

    T80 4 Oz Leather Pad Preservati...

    Starting from $ 5.16